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I'll admit I am not the most organized person and I'm so glad we live in an information age so we can look up ideas or methods to help with daily chores. I have another list that I go by as far as cleaning my house goes. I received this chart from Cindy's planner. For daily house cleaning: Straighten living room, bathrooms, laundry room, bedrooms and kitchen; In the bathrooms: wipe counters, toilet tops, clean mirrors, rinse tub, empty trash and sweep floor; Empty the laundry trash; Make beds and empty the bedroom trash; Wipe kitchen counter tops and table, wipe in and around sink, wash dishes, wipe appliances, sweep floors and empty trash. Vacuum major traffic areas.

For weekly house cleaning: In the living room- dust furniture tops, check for cobwebs, spot wash walls, vacuum under cushions, check under couches, and clean glass; In the bathrooms- Thoroughly clean sink, clean mirrors, clean toilet inside and out, spot clean light fixtures and towel rods, spot clean vanity and medicine cabinet, thoroughly clean bathtub (the magic eraser works great for this), spot wash bathroom doors; In the laundry room- wipe down sink, spot wash walls, wipe down washer and dryer, check for cobwebs; In the hallways- spot wash walls and dust chandeliers or lights; In the bedrooms- change sheets and make bed, clean mirrors, check for cobwebs, dust furniture tops, spot wash walls, check under bed and sweep; In the kitchen/dining room- clean chandeliers, dust table and chairs, spot wash walls, check for cobwebs, wipe down cabinets and handles, wipe down counters ( for stains- use baking soda paste and lemon juice ), clean microwave entirely, clean stove top and range hood, wipe down oven, dishwasher, small appliances, clean coffee maker thoroughly, wipe down refrigerator inside and out, also the top of the refrigerator, clean in and around sink and backsplash. Here are few reminders: check for burnt out light bulbs, water the plants, wipe down window sills.

For annual cleaning: dust from top to bottom, polish fireplace and mantle, wash curtains and blankets, clean windows inside and out, wipe down walls, doors and closet doors, Clean vanities, cabinets and storage completely. Thoroughly clean the refrigerator. 

There is also a wonderful app you can download for more household cleaning tips and suggestions.

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