Finally Spring 2014

Well it sure took long enough.  I got an e-mail from a lender recently that said we have skipped completely over summer and are now back into the fall season.  I made sure to tell him he was not funny.  It's great to finally see green grass and flowers starting to blossom, and to hear birds singing again, not to mention the increase in real estate bustle at our office.  Spring is always an enjoyable time of the year for many people.  I hope you're having a great month and enjoying this season change too!  Get an early jump on things if you are planning to buy make sure you visit your lender and get your pre-approval in hand so you have that buying power when the right house comes never know it could be tomorrow.  Are you ready?  If you are selling why not get a jump start ahead of the crowd to avoid some of the competition of lovely homes soon to be listed too.  I was thinking today how we use to make May Day baskets at school.  We would come home and hang them on our neighbors doors, knock, then run and hide.  Did you do that too?  Happy May Day everyone!

Mary Alonso

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