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Welcome to my Website

Like most of you, I spend the majority of my waking hours working! Sixty-five percent of my time is spent at work;  a necessity of life that I find both fulfilling and rewarding. But I need it to serve a higher purpose than it currently does.

So I've made some changes.

  • I've decided to turn my business over to the Lord.
  • I've decided to partner with Him.
  • To trust Him and leave it in His hands.
  • If I'm going to spend sixty-five percent of my time working, I want to spend it honoring Him.

May I honor Him daily with how I conduct my business.

May I honor Him with my business practices and ethics.

May I honor Him with how I treat all my customers and clients I work with.

May I always project the face of Jesus with all whom I work with throughout the day.

May I be a reflection of Christ.

"Walk in a manner of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."

                    ( Colossians 1:10)

In doing so, may I honor myself and the industry for which I work, setting the example for others to follow.

I am excited about my new partnership and look forward to the opportunity of serving you...for serving others is why we are all here!

For more information and client testimonials, visit my website at www.c21partneredinChrist.com

Professional Background

Worked at the Beloit Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company, for (30) years in middle and upper management.

Served as Maintenance Superintendent overseeing Maintenance and Engineering Departments.

Planned, managed and oversaw all Plant Operations, Shutdowns and installations.

Making the managing and the paying attention to detail of your transaction, a walk in the park!

Did You Serve?

Every real estate agent has a responsibility to provide the best homebuying experience and resources available to his or her clients. That's why I've pledged to ask every client "Did You Serve?" As a Veteran, you are eligible for many benefits earned through your service, among them is the advantages of the VA Home Loan program. It's my privilege to educate you on these homebuying benefits and to help make those benefits accessible and attainable.  

Did You Serve? Homebuying Benefits for Veterans

No Down Payment Required

For many, the biggest obstacle to buying a home is saving up for the costly down payment. With the VA Loan, homebuyers are not required to put any money down.

Lower Monthly Payments

Because the VA provides a financial guaranty on each VA Loan, lending institutions carry less risk and don’t require private mortgage insurance which can save hundreds every month.

Easier to Qualify

The rigors of military service can often do a number on a person's credit report. More than 80 percent of Veterans and service members using a VA Loan wouldn't qualify for conventional financing, but the flexible qualification standards of the VA Home Loan program gives those who have served a path in which to purchase a home.

Community Involvement

* Member of Central Christian Church of Beloit, Wi..

* Deacon at Central Christian Church serving over the Marriage Ministry.

* Founded "The John Doe Movement" in effort to help people in their homes and avoid foreclosure. Through our combined efforts with NHS of Beloit, over (100) families were rescued from foreclosure. For more information, please visit our website at www.johndoemovement.org..

* Founded the "Call to Arms" Project in effort to help anyone with any need. Promoting the commandment that we are to share eachother's burdens! To learn more about the "Call to Arms" Project, visit our website at www.johndoemovement.org and click on projects.

* Currently serve as a board member of the Stateline Pregnancy Foundation.


* Relocation Specialist

* New Construction Specialist

* Condo Specialist

* Certified Short Sale Specialist

* Commercial Agent

* Licensed in both Wisconsin and Illinois


  • Centurion

Personal Interests

Enjoy writing and serving the community, my church and Our Lord!

Personal Background

* I was born and raised in Beloit Wisconsin!

* Currently live in Clinton, Wisconsin with my wife Kim.

* Married for (33) years to wife Kim.

* Have (8) children.

* Have (15) grandchildren with the 16th due on Christmas Eve.

* Member of Central Christian Church of Beloit, Wi..

* Serve as a Deacon at Central Christian Church over the Marriage Ministry.

* Founded "The John Doe Movement" in effort to help keep people in their homes and avoid foreclosure in the Stateline area. To learn more you can visit our website at www.johndoemovement.org.

* Founded the "Call to Arms" Project to serve anyone in need in the Stateline area. To learn more, please visit our website at www.johndoemovement.org and click on "Call to Arms" Project.

* Currently serving on the board of the "Stateline Pregnancy Foundation".


Education comes in many forms and degrees. It may come wrapped in a tassle, gown and diploma from an Ivy League School.......or in winning the lottery only to discover that money can't buy you love or make you happy......it may come in the form of cancer and realizing you are much stronger than you thought yourself to be........it can come the day your daughter is born and you realize your love for somebody other than yourself is greater than you ever could have imagined.....it can come on your death bed as you realize all the things you held so high and worked so hard for, are meaningless......it can come at the time of rebirth and awakening when you realize that Christ has already died for your sins, so you can let yourself down from that cross......it can come in the form of loss, loss of anything, when you realize nothing lasts forever ......it can come the day you are burying the family pet and you realize, dogs too, go to heaven.....it can come in the form of enlightenment as you realize you are guilty of doing the same things you used to blame your parents for.....it can come in the form of pause as you realize you love your spouse more than words could ever describe and that the foundation of your marriage together is built not only on Christ, love and trust but also on a mixture of blood, sweat and tears combined with your impurities and imperfections and her imperfections and impurities to form something.......wonderful!  

.......for education is learning. And every day we are here, every breath we take....we are forever learning!