What is a "Stealth" Website?

A "Stealth Site" is a mostly non-branded lead-generation page that directly addresses the primary objective of the web visitor. For example, home buyers looking for homes. Today's generation of home buyer web surfers don't want to be bothered by complex sites with multiple pages with agent's qualifications or a collection of standard home buyer reports. They are simply looking for homes. They respond to simplicity. The more direct and simple the website, the better. So, a "stealth site" aims to answer that need directly. The web visitor is more likely to provide "real" contact information leading to "real" leads.

You Can Have Your Own Stealth Site!

We create stealth websites for real estate agents as well as setting up and monitoring their Google Adwords accounts and Google Analytics to track traffic.

Check out: Website design by Natural Software

Steps to successful lead generation:

  1. Provide a simple solution
  2. Drive traffic to your page
  3. Respond immediately
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