10 Things Only People From Aurora Understand

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10 Things Only People From Aurora Understand

1. You Can’t Keep Aurora Down, No Matter What

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The people in Aurora are a bunch of amateurs—in the best, grassroots way possible. From art to theater, music and comedy, everything the people in Aurora do, they do from the ground up because that’s the way they like it.

The Alley Art Festival brings the community together every year to celebrity amateur local art projects. Summer fills the Aurora air with some of the best local musicians around for festivals like Jam on the Fox and Blues on the Fox. Aurora adults and children alike take their love for acting to the stage for Riverfront Playhouse Theater productions.

And when they decided that Aurora needed more laughter, they built The Comedy Shrine which offers locals the ability to knock out a few jokes or take classes to learn how.

They don’t need Chicago to live out their dreams. They know how to live them out right here at home and they made it happen themselves.

2. Aurora Is Way More Famous Than Everyone Thinks

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Aurora might not fall on the national radar very often, but it does on Hollywood’s. Films that have used Aurora for filming include “The Express,” “Precious Mettle,” “Children On Their Birthdays,” and “Let’s Get Harry.” Most notably, Johnny Depp’s film “Public Enemies” used Aurora residents’ favorite local theater, The Paramount, for filming. And the hit television show “Prison Break,” And Aurora is frequently mentioned in the hit show Prison Break, where it’s also filmed.

If you didn’t already know any of this or maybe never heard of some of these films, that’s because you’re not from Aurora. It’s probably one of the first few things you’ll learn when you get here, because everyone’s eager to brag about Aurora.

3. The People Of Aurora Are True Beer Connoisseurs

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Everyone loves a good brew. But the people in Aurora are experts when it comes to what’s local. When happy hour rolls around they all head to the historic Two Brothers Roundhouse, which doubles as a wedding reception venue – because, really, what’s better than getting hitched in your favorite watering hole?

But the bars aren’t the only thing the people in Aurora keep local. They're crazy about craft brews throughout the region, but their pride and joy is the local Hopvine Brewing Company. And everyone always looks forward to the annual Craft Beer Festival to celebrate their hoppy love, complete with Wisconsin cheese.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is to wander into the bar – for the people of Aurora it’s always beer time somewhere.

4. Aurora Is Just As Good As That Other Big Illinois City

Aurora Understand
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Oh, Chicago. So big, so beloved, so attention-stealing. Even though Aurora is the second biggest city in Illinois, it is always overshadowed by Chicago. And the people in Aurora know that it probably always will be. But that’s okay because they know Chicago is a great city.

But Aurora is a great city, too, and they’re sick of it getting no love, let alone no one having any idea that it’s even a city to begin with. They’re proud of their hometown. Why? Stick around to see.

5. Wayne And Garth Are Like Brothers To You

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In case you didn’t know, the city in which the “Wayne’s World films” take place is none other than Aurora. Only a few select scenes were actually filmed in the city itself, but the fact that Wayne and Garth called Aurora home was enough to basically be the biggest thing to happen in Aurora.

Everyone in the city, of course, knows of the movies and most of them can quote them for you by heart. They can tell you where scenes were filmed (White Castle!) and how many times they’ve been there. It’s better to just embrace it than to try and fight it. Besides, head banging to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car with your friends really never gets old.

6. All The Cools Kids Go To The Farmers’ Market

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Farmers markets and flea markets – the people in Aurora love them both. It’s a good thing that there’s no shortage of them in the city. Aurora has Illinois’ oldest continually running farmers market. There’s also one to be found in every neighborhood in the city. This way no one ever has to go too far out of their way to pick up locally grown produce and handmade pies.

The Little Puce Market (named after the flea markets in Paris) is particularly popular with locals. This European style vintage and collectibles market with live music and local artists is more than festival than a flea market, bringing everyone out to browse for treasures they never even knew they wanted.

7. When The Lights Go Down, You Skate Like It’s 1979

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Source: Aurora Skate Center Facebook

Birthdays, a day off of school, a rainy summer day, a day ending in “y” – everything is an excuse for roller skating in Aurora. And if you think you’ll be able to keep up with the crowd, think again.

The Aurora Skating Center has been popular since it opened in the 1950s. From the days of Elvis and Beatlemania to Abba and Michael Jackson, all the way to Chumbawumba and Miley Cyrus, the people in Aurora have skated their way through it all. Everyone has memories of their childhood in roller skates, and now they bring their kids and their grandkids to continue on the tradition.

8. You Hate Alkaline Trio Right Back

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There is one glaring exception to the idea that people in Aurora always love to hear their hometown mentioned on the national scene. When Chicago boys Alkaline Trio wrote a song called “F*** You, Aurora,” call them picky, but they just didn’t get that same warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Front man Matt Skiba says that he wrote the song when he discovered that an ex of his had to move to Aurora to work in the Chrysler factory. How that’s actually Aurora’s fault, no one knows, but it’s just more Chicago snobbery at its finest.

The people in Aurora are nice, but don’t make them angry. Step on their toes and they’ll have no problem telling you exactly what they think. And if you don’t have anything nice to sing about them, then definitely don’t sing anything at all.

9. Who Cares What Kermit Says—Aurora Makes Being Green Look Easy

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Aurora might have been a little later to the sustainable party, but they’re more than making up for it. The GreenFest has been running strong for the past five years, gathering residents to learn about the latest developments in everything from clean energy solutions to environmentally-friendly traveling solutions.

The Green Buddha Sustainability Center & Gallery is a brand new, innovative business that acts a book recycling facility, a sustainability center, and an eco-friendly arts gallery. It’s housed in an LEED-certified building downtown, giving the residents of Aurora more to be proud of as their city continues to get greener and greener.

10. You Don’t Really Care That No One Cares About Aurora

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The people in Aurora know that the big city folk in Chicago refuse to take them seriously and even write crappy songs about them. They know what people say about their city. But, in the end, that’s not their problem.

Everybody is aware that Aurora isn’t perfect – what city is? But they also know that it’s home: Full of good people, many of whom they’ve grown up around and made countless memories with (while skating backwards, of course). They stick together to continue to make their city great and don’t care if you don’t get it. At the end of the day, it’s just nice to be able to head to their favorite pub and knock back a local brew with the friends they grew up with and have a laugh.

So, party on, Wayne. And party on, Garth.

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