21 Reasons Why You Love Being a Real Estate Agent

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I just came across this great article from Trulia (Colleen Egan) and had to share it with you.  

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21 Reasons Why You Love Being a Real Estate Agent

Sacrificing your weekends and dealing with difficult transactions can sometimes make you wonder what possessed you to choose a career in real estate. And then you’re infected with the overwhelming joy of a first-time homeowner when they find “The One.” When you realize you’re making someone’s dream come true, and you found them the house that will be a home to their family, all the long days and hassles of the job don’t seem to matter.

We took to Facebook and Twitter and asked fellow real estate pros to share the reasons why their job makes them get out of bed in the morning. Here’s what they said!

1. The “Look.” I can never get enough of the look on buyers’ faces when they find their new home.

2. It keeps me on my toes—no year, market, client or deal is ever the same. It pushes me in ways I never thought possible.

3. The only boss I have is me! Well, and my wife.

4. It’s gratifying to sell a house that is unsellable (at least if another agent was in charge of marketing it).

5. Every house tells a story. And, in my case, most of them are funny!

6. It’s gratifying to help people sort through the process and make the complicated simple.

7. I like that I can make as much money as I want to make.

8. I adore looking at houses. It makes me feel like a spy and I’ve learned more about architecture than I ever thought I would!

9. My life is flexible. I’ve never missed my kid’s school play or sporting event or parent-teacher conference.

10. Nothing feels like a new listing—I get so incredibly excited when I get a new listing!

11. I help people accomplish something that they thought was impossible.

12. I can start at 6 a.m. or 12 noon—it’s my decision. I love setting my own schedule.

13. I learn something new every day. I get to dabble in and educate myself about everything from tax codes to home decorating to online marketing.

14. It feels good to know that I do all I can to protect my clients.

15. Every day is different, so I’m never bored.

16. I’m always touched by the happy tears when clients enters a new phase in their lives.

17. No job is better at teaching you how to roll with the punches.

18. No one tells me what to do or how much I’m worth.

19. It’s my job to research and explore my community. I know where to go and there is always a familiar face.

20. Every time I save the day—or more likely a deal—I feel like a super hero. I’m the caped crusader my clients don’t even know they have.

21. There’s nothing more satisfying than handing my clients the keys to their new house!

Tell us! What are the reasons you love being a real estate agent?

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