33 incredibly delicious sandwiches from all over the world!

Sandwiches are probably the fastest snack you can make. 

Did you know there are so many different variants of this classic snack?

Take inspiration for your next bite from what people enjoy in various countries around the world.

Check out the sandwiches from around the world! 

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33 incredibly delicious sandwiches from all over the world

by Brightside

                               Here are 33 ideas and each one looks delicious!


Bánh mì is a sandwich made in Vietnam. French bread stuffed with roasted pork and vegetables with coriander and jalapenos. Yum!


Döner kebab is famous not only in Turkey — people all around the world like it too. This is a sandwich with wheat-flour tortilla, sliced mutton, vegetables and sauce.


This traditional Mexican sandwich can be prepared using different kinds of meat along with avocado, white cheese and onions in a special brioche roll (which looks like a hamburger roll, but is actually a sweet bun).


Arepa is a sandwich made using thick corn bread with chorizo pork sausage and chili sauce.


Japanese katsu-sando is made from fried meat on wheat-bread with mayo and mustard. It looks delicious!


Canadians’ favourite sandwich is made of smoked spicy meat on rye bread with mustard and cucumber.


Vada pav is a popular fast food, which is, incidentally, ideal for vegetarians. It’s a sandwich made from a savoury roll and two potato patties (vada).


In Australia people are very fond of a thick, salty yeast paste called vegemite. That’s why for the locals there, the perfect sandwich is a simple piece of toast spread with this paste plus some cheese.


Medianoche ("midnight") is a popular Cuban sandwich which is often eaten as a nighttime snack. It’s a bun with fried pork, ham, cheese and cucumbers with mustard.


This sandwich from Chile is called chakarera, and it’s prepared on a round hamburger roll with thinly sliced turkey or pork, tomatoes, cooked green beans and chili peppers.


This arepa sandwich is made of thick corn bread, pork, cheese, avocados and bananas.


The favourite sandwich of the Chinese is a donkey burger, a popular street snack made from donkey meat, often with lettuce and peppers on crispy bread.


Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich made with bread, ham or smoked pork sausage, or steak with processed cheese and tomato sauce.


Smørrebrød is the king of Danish cuisine. It’s a sandwich made from rye bread with butter. For the filling, they use fish, meat, shrimp, liver pate, boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes and different varieties of cheese.


A thick slice of meat (usually it’s a mixture of beef, pork, bacon and onion) served on a roll with mustard. Usually it’s eaten hot.


A popular sandwich in France is a jambon berre. This is a baguette filled with ham, butter, cheese and cucumber.

South Africa

The South African Gatsby is a huge sandwich made with fries, sausage, ketchup and salad.


Brujah croquettes are long fried meat nuggets placed in a roll and smeared with mustard. As a rule, they are eaten hot and covered in sweet soy sauce.


The traditional sandwich of Poland is a kind of baked pie. It is usually made of one half of a baguette or a wheat-loaf, with fried mushrooms and cheese (and often some meat) used as the classic toppings. The sandwich is then covered in ketchup and sprinkled with chopped chives.


Finnish porylaynen consists of two slices of bread with a nice piece of sausage, seasoned with chopped onion and some salad along with some pickles, mustard and ketchup.


Virtually all of South America likes choripan with chorizo sausage. It’s usually served on a crispy roll with chimichurri sauce or Pebre. You can also add a fried egg on top.

Puerto Rico

Tripleta consists of three kinds of grilled meat: beef, pork and chicken (or ham). They also add crispy potato, banana, lettuce, arugula, cheese, and onions to make an unusual but delicious sandwich.


Bokadilo is a highly original sandwich made from half of baguette with meat or fish, eggs and sometimes tomato inside.


This one-sided ’omelet-sandwich’ is roasted on a pan and made from half a baguette. The main ingredients are eggs and onion, but a variety of meat or fish (sardines, chicken, beef, lamb) can also be added.


Pleskavitsa is a sandwich made from different kinds of meat, usually beef and pork. It is served on a round roll or piece of pita bread with pepper sauce and Serbian cream.


Belgian mitrayet consists of fried meat, French fries and mayo on a baguette.


Kaya toast is a sweet-flavoured sandwich, made from crunchy pieces of toast smeared with a thick paste of coconut pulp mixed with egg yolks and cane sugar. In Singapore, it is eaten as a dessert or for breakfast.


In Macao people prefer a simple roll with a pork chop as their favourite sandwich.


Paninis are an Italian sandwich consisting of two slices of bread with a piece of ham and cheese.


The Austrian Bosner is made from a spicy fried sausage on a baguette with onion, pepper and curry sauce.


Bauru is a traditional Brazilian sandwich. It consists of a French roll, melted cheese, tomatoes, roast beef and pickles.


Civita is translated from Spanish as "little goat", but this sandwich is actually made of beef slices with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayo, green and black olives, and often also with bacon, eggs and ham.


The classic Russian sandwich is probably bread with cheese or sausage. But on holidays and special occasions, no Russian table is complete without sandwiches spread butter and red caviar.

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