5 Reasons Why You Should LIST in the FALL OR WINTER

I am across this article by Ana Spradling and wanted to share it with you.  It has great reasons why it would be to your advantage to List your home now.

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Should I list my house in the

Fall or Winter?

5 Reasons to sell your house now!



Many sellers ask me this question at this time of the year. Should I put my house on the market in the FALL or WINTER or should I wait until the SPRING?

My answer to them is; it depends. If you are serious sellers and do need to sell your house as soon as possible this time of the year is great. However if you don’t need to sell and are just testing the waters you should wait for the Spring.

The number of sales are not as high in this time of the year as it is the Spring and Summer, however the FALL and WINTER have their own advantages.


1. Greater Number of Serious Buyers are out there looking
At this time of the year only serious home buyers are out there previewing houses. Only people that really need to buy now, are willing to hassle through the bad weather or miss the time to do holiday shopping or to spend with family to see some houses. You will not be bothered and inconvenient for showings of buyers that just want to look

2. There are Less Competition
The number of houses on the market decrease a lot at this time of the year. That is a great advantage for your home since you will not have to compete with the beauty of the block. Buyers will have less options and your house has a higher probability to make it to their top 3 choices. You may even get multiple offers and get a higher return.  Don't wait until the Spring when all the other potential sellers put their homes up for sale and the home price and beauty contest is on.

3. Your Closing Process will be Faster
Dues to the record low interest rates, banks have been inundated with home purchases and refinancing paperwork, sometimes it can take days for banks to send an appraiser out there to appraise the house, which can cause delays on the closing. Since the volume of sales is lower, you will be able to close your house and receive your sales proceeds on time and quicker, avoiding all the frustrations of the delays.

4. There will Never be a Better Opportunity to Move-Up
Rates are low now and there is no guarantee that rates will not go higher. If you are thinking to buy a larger house or more expensive one consider doing it now, don't miss this incredible opportunity!

5. It’s Time to Move on with your Life
Analyze the reasons why you want to sell your house and decide whether is worth waiting. Do you want to move on with your life and live the life that you are comfortable with or do you want to wait knowing that it may take longer for a buyer to decide to buy your home, since your house is subject to the housing market competition, price and interest rates.

NOW IS THE TIME for you and your family to move on and start living the life you desire. That is what is truly important. You have the power to control this situation by pricing your house to sell and preparing your home to show by taking advantage of the fall and winter season; using holidays decor, lighting the fireplace to make a cozy and homey place for a potential home buyer pick your house.

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