Air Conditioning Approved at 19 Indian Prairie Dist. 204 Schools

So happy to hear 19 Elementary Schools in

Indian Prairie Dist. 204 

have been approved to get partial building air-conditioning systems. Many years ago, I use to be a substitute teacher for District 204 and I remember how hot some of the classes could be.  :( :( :( 

The non-air conditioned schools could soon get some relief!  :) :) :)

Enjoy the article!

Air Conditioning Approved at 19 Indian Prairie Dist. 204 Schools 


The Indian Prairie Unit School District 204 school board on Monday approved a $2.7 million contract that will mean 19 more elementary school will get partial building air-conditioning systems, according to the Daily Herald.

The 19 schools, which currently do not have full cooling systems, will get, on average, air conditioning in four more classrooms, according to the article. In total, the contract will mean air conditioning for 100 total classrooms across the district, according to school board documents.

The school board argued Monday over whether to take on the $2.7 million expense at a time when the state could likely be late on its four payments to the school district, according to the Daily Herald. Those voting against the contract did so with the hopes of keeping a balanced budget, according to the newspaper.

Click on this link for more information:   Read more on the Daily Herald

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