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Another reason why I love Aurora, IL so much!

Did you know that The Paramount Theatre was named one of the Top Ten Theatres in Chicago by the League of Chicago Theatres? 

The Paramount continues to provide world-class entertainment for an annual audience of over 300,000 patrons from over 250 communities.

The Paramount Theatre’s bold Broadway musical series has wowed critics, audiences and skeptics alike.

To date, over 30,000 subscribers have signed up to take advantage of Paramount’s Broadway Series subscription offer, making it the second largest subscriber base in the state of Illinois.

The theatre also hosts world-class entertainment from dance, comedy, music, classical, children’s programming and free community events.

The Paramount Theatre continues to expand its artistic and institutional boundaries under the guidance of President & CEO Tim Rater, Artistic Director Jim Corti, a dedicated Board of Trustees and a devoted staff of live theater and music professionals.


Tours of the historic Paramount Theatre are available. Reservations required.
Please call (630) 896-6666. $5 per person. Proceeds go to the Paramount Historic Fund.

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For more information, see News Release Below.  Monica Mancano, REALTOR®, MRP, AHWD, Century 21 Affiliated - Aurora

In just 5 seasons, The Paramount Theatre went from 700 subscribers to 30,856 and an all-time high annual attendance from 70,000 to over 309,000! The catalyst for this is the Paramount's self-produced Broadway Musical Series that critics call the "best musical theater in Chicago."
Watch the Paramount's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jim Jarvis, on Comcast Newsmakers speak about the Paramount's success and the collaboration with the City of Aurora that helps to make it all work!
"There's nothing like a city and an arts organization working together. We are a perfect case study . . . " 



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