Best Places to go for BRUNCH

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the holidays.  Just came across this article about great places to go for Brunch.  This will be on my 2015 Things To Do List.  

Bon Appétit!

Chicago is No. 1 at a lot of things, and based on all of the brunch developments this year in Chicago, you can probably add America's favorite pastime to the list. From Cap'n Crunch French toast, to Bloody Marys garnished with an entire Chinese buffet, here're our guides to the best of Chicago brunch this year.

Feel free to add all of these to your 2015 to-do list.


Where to Boozy Brunch in Chicago: A hood-by-hood guide

Because we care, we made a list of Chicago's 28 bottomless brunches that matter, went and tried them all, jotted down the deals, took a ton of naps, and then broke everything down by neighborhood. This seems like as good a place as any to start your 2015 brunch quest. READ MORE

The 18 best brunches in Chicago (non-boozy)

What, did you think we were just gonna give you a hood-by-hood guide to boozy brunching in Chicago and stop there? Nope! We've also got Chi's best all-aroundbrunches, because you don't NEED alcohol* (*lie) to enjoy coffee-braised short rib waffles and chocolate French toast towers. READ MORE

Chicago's 10 most ridiculous Bloody Marys

Eating pork while boozing at brunch is just a way of life around these parts. In fact, we've gotten so good at it, we've just combined the two into one glorious bacon-y vodka-filled beverage: the Bloody Mary. We asked the connoisseurs at BloodyBest to sort through skewers of pizza, pork belly, and grilled cheese, and power-rank Chicago's 10 most ludicrously stacked Bloody Marys. READ MORE

15 MORE ridiculous Bloody Marys

Hahahaha you thought we were only gonna give you 10 of the most ridiculous Bloody Marys in Chicago? Nope! We've got 15 MORE absolutely insane Bloodys for you (one of them has pizza on it!!!), all of which were on display at this year's Bloody Mary Competition at Park West. READ MORE

Find the best brunch in your neighborhood

You already know where to find the best brunches in Chicago, and where to find the booziest brunches in Chicago, but you still don't know where to find the neighborhood...iest brunches in Chicago. This should help: here's the best brunch in 19 different Chi 'hoods. READ MORE

Then find the best Bloody Mary in your neighborhood

When it comes to mixing spicy tomato brunch cocktails and topping them with piles of bacon, ham, cheese, grilled cheese, and olives, Chicago does Bloody Marys in a big way. So you're never caught Mary-less, we had the brunch-obsessed ladies of Bloody Besthook up this guide to the best Mary in 23 different 'hoods. READ MORE

Sometimes your "brunch" is just a really good bagel...

Of the many ways New York City thinks it's superior to Chicago (which it's not at all), an argument can be made that they make pretty good bagels. Now, while we don't have NYC's precious ocean water and poaching techniques, that doesn't mean we don't still boil a mean bagel, even if you have to make a run to the Northern 'burbs. Here are 10 handmade bagels worthy of your lox and cream cheese. READ MORE

Or, more likely, a bacon donut...

You know your city is in a good place when tickets for its first donut festival sell out in eight hours. And you know it's in an even better place when you can name the best donut shop in 21 different neighborhoods in the city... which we just did. READ MORE

And on special occasions, a... Wonut!?

If you thought Chicago was done mashing up donuts with every other conceivable food, you were sorely mistaken. Introducing: The Wonut, a new donut hybrid now available at Waffles Cafe. And did we mention it's glorious? Because it's glorious. READ MORE
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