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Here are some reasons why LOMBARD, IL is a great place to live:

LOMBARD has a fantastic park district, with ONE OF THE BEST POOLS AND PARK SYSTEMS IN THE WESTERN SUBURBS, if not the entire greater Chicago area. The best pool and park are within walking distance from the the house, Lombard Common with Paradise Bay pool and water park.

The LOMBARD METRA LINE IS UP WEST. There are multiple express trains in the morning and evening that make a downtown commute incredibly easy. The station is undergoing a complete overhaul right now as well, which will make the station a gateway to the quaint downtown and very nice place to start the work day. A coffee house and cafe will be right in the station.

LILACIA PARK is a unique aspect of Lombard that is a wonderful little best kept secret. In the spring it is a fragrant gorgeous place with 10,000 species of lilacs and tulips. It is simply amazing. In the winter, the week after Thanksgiving, they decorate the park in thousands of lights and having kiddie train rides, and a Santa house for the kids with Ms. Claus' closet for cocoa and cider.

The Village is conducting a Market study right now to develop the HISTORIC DOWNTOWN and help the ongoing efforts to bring it back to life.

Lombard is a great mix of modern life and history, especially right here. We have a brand new ELMHURST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and a satellite urgent car center right at the corner of Main and Maple, right down the street from the house. Kiddie corner to it is the historic DAIRY QUEEN (open Feb till Nov and always busy) and the historic FIRST CHURCH OF LOMBARD CHAPEL.

Lombard is centrally located to EVERY MAJOR EXPRESSWAY. t is easy to get up north or south using 355, and 88 is close to get to Naperville and 290 is a straight shot to the city, while 294 toward O'HARE AIRPORT and beyond is just a quick trip through Elmhurst.

The best aspect of Lombard is the people. PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE ARE DOWN TO EARTH AND NICE TO EACH OTHER.
They help snow blow driveways and always have time to stop to chat.

Generally, the community is engaged an invested in its own well being. For example, one thing that is happening here is an effort to bring a CO-OP GROCERY to the downtown convenient to this neighborhood.

There is also a NEW CRAFT BREWERY opening up here, called Noon Whistle and there is the HIPSTER COOL LUNAR TAP right down St. Charles as well.

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