Did You Know That These 8 Thanksgiving Staples Are Harmful For Your Dog, Cat or Other Pets?

This article is for all you Animal Lovers out there!  I knew about some of these things but not all of them and had to share this information with you.   Wishing you, your loved ones and of course your pets a Very Happy and Safe Holiday!   :) Monica

Are Harmful  For Your Dog, Cat or Other Pets?

Before you set the table for the big day, make sure to read through this list so that your pets stays safe and happy during the holiday.

THANKSGIVING is a time of family, fun, and food, but it can be dangerous for your pets if you do not know what foods are harmful to them.

These 8 holiday staples are actually dangerous for your dog, cat or other pets to consume - MAKE SURE TO TAKE NOTE, and let your holiday guests know of these potential threats as well – you don’t want Uncle Al sneaking Fido, Mittens or Einstein something dangerous under the table during the big holiday meal!

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Keeping a close eye on your pet(s) during the Thanksgiving meal, or even allowing them to relax safely in another room, is a good rule of thumb for the holidays. Keeping this list in mind during prep and actual mealtime will make everything run smoothly, and keep your pet(s) safe and happy! Happy Thanksgiving!

These 8 holiday staples are actually dangerous for your dog, cat or other pets to consume:

1. Onions And Garlic

Another set of popular Thanksgiving ingredients, onions and garlic, are incredibly dangerous for your pet(s) to get a hold of. All members of the onion family contain compounds that can damage your pet's red blood cells if ingested. Garlic tends to be more toxic than onions, however both can lead to anemia if ingested in sufficient quantities, and contrary to popular  belief, cooking them does not lower their toxicity.

2. Baking Essentials: Chocolate, Dough, And Batter

Keeping your pet(s) out of the kitchen while you prepare those delicious Thanksgiving desserts is a smart idea. Even small amounts of chocolate can harm them, and dough can actually rise inside of their bellies, which causes stomach pain for your precious pooch. Spare batter contains uncooked eggs, which are always a risk for Salmonella, something both you and your pet(s) will want to avoid.

3. Alcohol

Some pets love the taste of alcohol, but no type of alcohol is good for them. Even small amounts of alcohol, especially beer, can cause life threatening toxicity. The hops in beer can cause an elevated body temperature, racing heart, vomiting, and sometimes even death in pets. Resist the urge to share your adult  beverage with your pet(s), and you will avoid unnecessary suffering and illness.

4. Nutmeg

Sweet potatoes and pumpkin, in appropriate doses, are a healthy treat for your pet(s). But you will want to take special precautions and make sure that neither of those have nutmeg on them before feeding. Nutmeg can cause seizures if your pet(s) consumes it alone or as an ingredient in sweet potatoes or pumpkin, and in extreme cases can even lead to death.

This next one isn’t necessarily a food, but it is prevalent at every holiday gathering…

5. Cooked Bones

Many may think that giving your pet(s) the bone from the turkey or ham is an excellent way to include them in the holiday meal, but cooked bones prove to be more dangerous than they are delicious. Cooked bones could splinter inside your pet's digestive tract and cause major internal problems. Avoid leaving cooked bones anywhere near your pet's reach, and quickly dispose of any leftovers after the meal to avoid a costly trip to the vet and an unpleasant experience for your pet.

6. Nuts

Holiday staples – macadamia nuts and walnuts – are especially dangerous for pets to consume. They can cause a toxic reaction within 12 hours of ingesting them, which consists of vomiting, an inability to stand, and tremors. Symptoms usually go away, but it can sometimes lead to deadly shock.

7. Sage

This popular holiday seasoning tastes delicious in stuffing and on the turkey, but it actually contains essential oils that are dangerous for your pet(s) and can cause indigestion and an upset stomach.

This next food is a popular pre-dinner snack that can be very dangerous for your pet(s) ….

8. Turkey Skin

Turkey is a staple at almost every Thanksgiving feast. But did you know that foods high in fat, like the turkey skin, can actually be very harmful for your pet(s)? The skin holds onto all of the butter, spices, marinades, and oils that were used to cook the turkey and is very hard for your pet to digest. Sometimes, ingesting high fat foods can lead to pancreatitis.   It’s best to resist the urge to let your pet(s) eat the turkey scraps that get left behind after carving, even though they may have a dynamite begging face.

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