Happy Sweetest Day (October 15)

Happy Sweetest Day Everyone!

This day is very special to me. 

I look at it as a time to recognize those I feel are sweet and special in my life! 

This is a great day to remember family, friends, colleaques, clients and to the men, women and veterans who have served our country.

Happy Sweetest Day!   Monica

  Enjoy the video!


Reach Out To Your Loved Ones On This Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day falls on the third Saturday in October, which is celebrated by distributing candies and sweets and remembering the sick, the aged, the orphaned children along with your kith and kin. Send greetings, flowers and sweeten their life by sending them a sweet assurance of your presence and wishes. The relationships and people we spend our life with define who we are so work towards creating special friendships with people who look out to alleviating pain instead of inviting troubles. Stay away from the drama. Cheers to you on this special day!

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