Phillips Park Zoo 100th Anniversary (Saturday, August 29 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m) - Aurora, Illinois

I absolutely LOVE going to Phillips Park Zoo!

If you haven't been to Phillips Park Zoo, YOU MUST GO!

My parents took me here when I was a kid and I continued the tradition with my kids.   It was amazing THEN and it's even BETTER NOW!

Phillips Park is absolutely beautiful and fun for the whole family.  It has a huge park, zoo, museum, water park, skate boarding, water park, golf, etc.

It is open year round and there is NO ADMISSION CHARGE FOR THE ZOO!

Hope you can come and celebrate its 100th Anniversary (FREE)!

It will be fun for the entire family on Saturday, August 29 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at its beautiful and historic campus located at 1000 Ray Moses Drive in Aurora.

Phillips Park is located on over 325 acres in Aurora, Illinois, USA. This park is a municipal park managed by the Department of Parks & Recreation of the city of Aurora, and has co-owned areas with the Fox Valley Park District.


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Phillips Park Zoo celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a free celebration for the entire family on Saturday, August 29 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at its beautiful and historic campus located at 1000 Ray Moses Drive in Aurora.
The event includes workshops with zookeepers who will introduce visitors to the animals living at the zoo and live animal encounters with experts from Save Our American Raptors, the Fox Valley Wildlife Center, Indian Prairie Animal Hospital and Incredible Bats. There will also be fun entertainment from comedic juggler The Truly Remarkable Loon, music from Dave Rudolf, and magic by Randy the Magician.
"The Phillips Park Zoo has been home to many exciting animals and even more wonderful memories over the past century," said Zoo Manager Randy Johnson. "We are looking forward to celebrating with some very special animal guests and inspiring a whole new generation of animal lovers who will come to learn and care for the animal world for the next hundred years." 
The celebration honors the opening of the zoo in 1915, when it originally housed exotic animals. Since then, the mission of Philips Park Zoo has changed to bring people in contact with animals native to North America - from cougars, elks and wolves to alligators, eagles and otters.
Prairie Pro Photography and The Light of the Heart will be on hand for photos and activities. Several food vendors, from Dick's Mini Donuts to Pie Boss, will be have delicious treats for sale.
Phillips Park Zoo's 100th Anniversary Celebration is sponsored by the Phillips Park Zoociety, the Friends of Phillips Park, and the City of Aurora.
Here's more info on Phillips Park Zoo!


Travis Phillips designated in his will that $24,000 from his estate be used to purchase land for a park that would be donated to the city of Aurora. On November 21, 1899 the deed was signed for 60 acres.[2] The area that had been bought was used as a picnic area for family outings as early as 1835 when it was known as Scharschug's Woods, and was built up as an entertain area in the early 1870s by the Aurora Sharp Shooter Society.[3] The next major historical moment for the park was March 7, 1934 when mastodon bones were found during the Phillips Park Lake Excavation Project.[2] The project was one of many sponsored by the Civil Works Administration during the Great Depression, yet because of the discovery of bones the lake is still referred to as Mastodon Lake.[4] The bones have traveled to different museums over the years, but now they are housed in the visitor center of the park that was built in 2003.[2] The park has grown over the years adding new attractions, and still continues to be a place for family outings.


The Sunken Garden at Phillips Park

Aquatic Center: In a joint venture the water park was constructed in 1991 and included a tube slide, a body slide and 2 drop-off slides, a children’s play pool with a waterfall and water cannons, plus a tot slide. There is also a hot tub, a sand play area, a sand volleyball court and concessions.[4]

Golf Course: The first golf course on Phillips Park grounds was constructed in the 1920s. Improvements and renovations have created the modern course now on the grounds. The course was redesigned by Greg Martin and reopened in 2001. [5]

Phillips Park Zoo: Phillips Park Zoo was founded in 1915 and is still open daily with no admission.[6]

Recreational Areas: Sites in the park included the waterfall, World War I cannons and numerous veteran related monuments. Among the amenities are a large state-of-the-art playground, a toddler’s playground, picnic pavilions, sand volleyball courts, tennis courts, horseshoe courts, a jogging/bike path, fishing piers, an ice skating pond, and a sledding hill. Special events and activities are co-sponsored throughout the year with The Friends of Phillips Park.[7]

Sunken Gardens: The original gardens were designed and developed by Ray Moses in the 1930s. In 2002 the gardens were rededicated to the east side of the zoo.[8]

Visitor Center and Mastodon Gallery: Built in 2003 to showcase the mastodon bone discovered in 1934.[9]

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