Selling Your Home? What Needs To Stay?

SELLING YOUR HOME - Here's a list of things that should stay when you sell your home and are most likely the features that helped your home.

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Selling Your Home? What Needs To Stay?


The home selling season is upon us. While many people will be buying a new home, many more will be selling their home. And, many home sellers have questions about what should stay when they sell the home. Do you take your favorite light fixtures, appliances, etc? Therefore, we have a list of things that need to stay when you sell your home. It’s most likely these features that helped sell your home to begin with.

What Stays When You Sell?

v Landscaping – This is a big deal. The outdoor lighting should stay, as well as trees, shrubs and flowers.

v Hardware – All the handles and knobs on your cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom must stay. If you are taking them, you need to tell the buyer and replace them before you go.

v Built-ins – If you had custom built furniture that is part of the home such as benches or bookshelves, these should stay with the home. More than likely, the home buyer was attracted to these aspects of the home.

v Alarm Systems – Leave the wireless alarm system. In most cases, the alarm company will install you a new one at your new home.

v Wall mounts – If you fear that a wall mount could damage the wall when removed, just leave it. It’s better that you not ruin the wall.

v Smoke Detectors – Smoke detectors are a must for every home. Leave your smoke detectors and buy new one for your new home if they are not already installed.

What to Take When You Sell?

v Lawn and Patio Furniture – Feel free to take your patio and lawn furniture with you. It’s like indoor furniture, people like their own stuff.

v Appliances – Appliances that are not installed are okay to take. Like a countertop microwave, toaster oven, washer, dryer and in most cases the refrigerator can go too.

v Rugs and Curtains – Go ahead and take your rugs and curtains. They are considered décor items and the new buyers will not want them.

A good rule of thumb to follow when you move from your home is to take anything that is not installed into the home.

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