Support Your LOCAL Farmer(s) - Visit a Corn Maze or Pumpkin Patch TODAY!

I am loving this weather and am hoping you are too!  :) :) :)

Now that it's getting cooler, outdoor activities such as pools, beaches, sporting events, parks and the like are less likely to entice a family excursion.

To offer communities a fun alternative to out-door amusement, FARMS can leverage the fall, year-round activities that blend agriculture with entertainment!!!

I think it's also a great time to thank and support our local farmers!!! 

Income from “agritainment” activities like corn mazes, fruit picking, hayrides, fairs, local festivals and more is helping a lot of farmers.

Wondering what to do today, it's a beautiful day to round up the family and enjoy the Farm Family Fun Activities listed below.

Enjoy, and have and wonderful and safe weekend!  :) Monica

Enjoy the video "Thank a Farmer" by James Wesley!

Ways to Support Your Local Farmer:

1.  Go to  Farmers' Markets in your area and enjoy the health benefits of fresh foods.  .
2.  Read the labels on the foods that you do buy & educate yourself what's in it.  
3.  Find, and join, a local co-op.   If there isn't one, consider starting one!
4. Keep an eye out for local roadside stands. 
5.  Go to "Agritainment" activities like corn mazes, fruit picking, hayrides, fairs, local festivals and more.   See below for links to great places to visit!

6.  Know why you want to support your local farmers.

  • It's better for you.
  • It's GMO Free.  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level.
  • It supports a clean environment and wildlife.
  • It's the right (and smart) thing to do.

Illinois has so many corn fields that it makes sense we would be home to some incredible corn mazes.

And don’t forget about the other fall activities that occur on these farms including pumpkin patches, hayrides, farm animals and children’s activities. It’s one of the best parts of September and October!

Check out the links below and be sure to check out their websites for further information, hours and prices.  Some of them even offer COUPONS!   Most are open from the middle of September throughout October.  Many also have agritourism activities including pumpkins, hayrides, live animals, and good food.

I love all kinds of corn mazes.  The kid friendly ones and the scary ones.  Check out the links below of great places to go to and remember to thank the farmer(s) who put in all the hard work to make this a fun and exciting experience.  

Click on these links:

 Find a corn maze near you 

 More Corn Mazes   Check out the Coupons!

 Corn Mazes from Chicago to Springfield

 Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Honored With Illinois Corn Maze  See #10 Below

 Fun on the Farm

Here are some of my favorite places!  Please share what your favorite places are!

 Keller's Farmstand

 Kuipers Family Farm

 Siegel's Cottonwood Farm

 Jonamac Orchard

 Jonamac Orchard Haunted Maze

Here are 10 of the craziest corn mazes and their designs in Illinois for this year by Reboot Illinois.

Craziest corn mazes in Illinois

With the vast expanse of corn fields in Illinois, it only makes sense that we’d be home to some pretty incredible corn mazes.

As you might have heard, an international architecture and design publication recently ranked the world’s top 10 best mazes in 2015, and No. 2 can be found right here in Illinois. But there are plenty more mind-blowing designs that deserve some recognition, so we’ve compiled a list of nine more.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the craziest corn mazes in Illinois.

(Click images to enlarge and see photo credit)

1. Kroll’s Fall Harvest Farm | Waukegan  

Kroll's Farm

Nothing says fall like a big ole’ turkey carved into giant a corn maze. The pathways are flattened and covered with wood chips so they’re baby-stroller friendly.

2. Jonamac Orchard | Malta 

Jonamac Orchard

Jonamac Orchard in Malta honors first responders everywhere with this 10-acre corn maze complete with two bridges and three miles of trails.

3. Great Godfrey Corn Maze at Glazebrook Park | Godfrey 

Wicked Corn Maze

With the popular play “Wicked” coming back to the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis this December, neighboring Godfrey, Ill., showed some cross-border love by designing this corn maze to promote the musical’s return.

4. Fredbird Corn Maze at Eckert’s Millstadt Fun Farm | Millstadt 


It might be hard for Chicago Cubs fans to stomach this one: a 10-acre, redesigned corn maze rooting for the Cub’s NL Central Division rival, the St. Louis Cardinals.

5. Buxton’s Garden Farm Corn Maize | Sullivan 


This corn maze at Buxton’s Garden Farm in Sullivan definitely will challenge your navigation skills — good luck!

6. Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm Corn Maze | Lockport

Chris Kyle Corn Maze

Southwest of Chicago and just north of Joliet, you can find this famous, 15-acre corn maze designed in memory of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

7. Rader Family Farms Corn Maze | Normal


Because of heavy flooding earlier this year, the nearly 10-acre corn maze at Rader Family Farms was planted three times. The maze includes four bridges offering views of the entire maze, just in case you get a little disoriented.

8. Hardy’s Reindeer Ranch Corn Maze | Rantoul 

Hardy's Reindeer Ranch

This patriotic 10-acre corn maze, appropriately named “Freedom,” also can be traversed at night with flashlights. And yes, they have reindeers.

9. Shreves Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze | Barnhill 


If you live in southern Illinois, you’ll want to check out this 15-acre corn maze in Barnhill, just north of Mill Shoals.

10. Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze | Spring Grove 


Last but definitely not least is this colossal masterpiece that pays homage to the 2015 Stanley Cup champs, the Chicago Blackhawks, and is said to be the “world’s largest and most intricate corn maze.” It was ranked by DesignCurial this year as the second-best designed maze in the world. The maze designer cut 11 miles of pathways into the 30-acre corn field. Let’s go Hawks!

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