Surprise Your Special Someone with a Remodel

Valentine's Day is almost here!

 Here's an idea.  

Giving the gift of a redecorated room can win you tons of relationship bonus points. Surprising them with the room Redux is a bold move that can win you even more - provided you're dialed into what your significant other likes, and more important, doesn't like. Here are a few projects that make perfect gifts.

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Surprise Your Special Someone with a Remodel by Home Advisor

Spa Surprise

While any project will likely surprise your sweetie, giving them the gift of a redecorated bathroom will have them grinning for weeks. But here's the deal, you don't have to completely gut the bathroom to give it a new look. In the course of a day you can repaint the walls, install a new vanity, and update the fixtures and cabinet hardware. If you really want to blow their socks off consider re-tiling and adding a heated floor.

Honey, I Got You a New Kitchen

Unless you plan on sending your partner on a multi-week safari, surprising them with a new kitchen might be hard to pull off. Thankfully, there are a few projects you can knock out in a workday. The nice thing is that the latest trend in kitchen design is to ditch the slick, refined looks for something more homey and vintage, making your redecorating job a little bit easier. So, what to do? If you've got the time and skills, installing a new back splash or refinishing your cabinets can have a huge impact, as can repainting, swapping out the cabinet and drawer hardware, or replacing your faucet.

Plan Big

If you're looking go big with the redecorating there are a few bigger projects that are sure to surprise. You've probably noticed that open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular. Well, if you've got a house with lots of walls you might want to consider knocking a few down. Besides opening up a room, an open floor plan creates a more inviting and connected living space. Of course, you'll want to talk to a structural engineer or contractor before you go breaking out the sledgehammer.

For those of you with partners who like to spend more time behind a grill and on the deck, building an outdoor living space is a perfect gift. Whether you've got a huge yard or small patio, there's plenty you can do to create the perfect outdoor living space. Want to cozy up a drab patio? Add some lush synthetic grass, a few plants, and a candle or three. If your goal is to wow the backyard gourmet, you can contact an outdoor-kitchen specialist to help you design and build the perfect outdoor living space.

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