What to Expect During the Closing Process

Once your offer on a home has been accepted, your inspections are complete, and your financing is in order, you’ll likely breathe a sigh of relief and get focused on packing for the move.

But before you’re handed the keys to your new home, you’ll need to attend the settlement or closing. The more you understand about the closing process, the easier it should be.

You have found a home that is ideal for you and your family. It has all your wants needs and it is even in your price range.

You have placed a bid and the buyer accepted it! You are finally getting ready to sign your name on the dotted line and buy your home.

You're not quite done yet, there is another step that you have to go through — the closing process.

Here are some things you should know before going into your closing.

Read everything: Ask your lender and attorney for the documents prior to the closing. It’s important to have the documents beforehand so you can make sure everything is correct. Not reading your documents before the closing can hurt you because there may be a typo or two, which can set back the entire process. Double and triple check everything. Review your loan and mortgage documents and get everything in order.

Bring a check: Your documents will show how much you owe. Bring your checkbook. You should also bring a form of identification.

Walk-through: The contract should allow you to walk through the property twenty-four hours before the closing. Bring your documents with you so you can reference them to make sure that the home is in the condition stipulated in the contract.

Ownership: The whole point of closing is to transfer ownership from the buyer to the seller. Before closing, a title company will come in and make sure the deed, taxes, and other items that may affect the property are in good standing. Once that is squared away and the buyer and the lender approve of everything, you can both sign the closing documents, ultimately making you the owner of the home.


Closing can bring unexpected events, but if you are prepared and stay positive, things can run smoothly. This is an exciting time, so after everything is settled, take your new keys and enjoy your home!

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