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Birthplace of the harvester Mr. William Hibbs invented the corn picker. Farming in Plano earned its place in history when the first grain reaper in America was built by John Hollister and Marcus Steward in 1843. Harvesters continued to be manufactured in Plano by such companies as Steward and Marsh, Plano Manufacturing Company, and the Plano Implement Company. Community development has been centered around a strong agricultural setting, with the only inhabitants of the area before its incorporation being the owners of grist mills. This development was supported by the city's location along US Route 34 and the Illinois Zephyr Amtrak passenger rail service. With a population of over 10,900 residents, Plano boasts a unique combination of agriculture, business, and industry. In the summer of 2011, Warner Brothers and DC Comics chose Plano, IL to represent "Smallville" in the 2013 Superman movie "Man of Steel" a special place where a certain "super hero" came to Earth and spent his childhood days. It was here in Smallville that a "mildmannered" boy learned the value of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Plano declared itself Smallville during the filming. Signs have been erected at either end of town, as well as on the end of one building on Main Street, proclaiming a similar declaration. Additionally, a "Smallville Superfest" was organized the following summer, and has since been held annually in August.

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