Tips To Help Set Up The Perfect Homework Station

It’s time for kids to go back to school, and having a place to study and finish their homework is key.
Here are some “Homework Station” tips to get your kids started on the right foot!
Staring at a computer or reading in the dark not only makes you sleepy but is also terrible for your eyes! Put your eyes to rest with proper lighting. If you have the opportunity, set up the Homework Station next to large windows for natural light and add a desk lamp to keep light concentrated on homework and study material at night. 
Kids don’t want to feel like they’re still in school when they arrive home. Create a Homework Station that is comfortable yet supportive of good study habits. 
Keep all supplies within reach. When kids have to get up to find a pencil sharpener or highlighter – they often lose their train of thought.  Make sure everything is organized and readily available to save time and keep your busy-bees on track.
Creative work happens in a creative space! Make the Homework Station a visually pleasing space where your child enjoys spending their time. 
Keeping the Homework Station in shape will create a more productive lifestyle – for you and your kids!
Do you have a unique homework-helping tip?
Let us know!
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