Buyers Week!

This week is BUYER'S Week! I will be answering questions about matters related to purchasing your new home and posting links to assist you on your journey. Let's start with what comes first---Your BUYING POWER. Searching for a new home is generally exciting for most and can now be initiated online with just a few clicks of the mouse on various sites!

BEFORE YOU DIVE IN>>> Consult a REALTOR. Th...e most unfortunate feeling you may encounter as a buyer is finding the home of your dreams that for one reason or another- you cannot afford or QUALIFY for. Your agent can assist in connecting you with a qualified mortgage specialist who will assess your financial situation and accurately establish your bottom line.

Not so sure about your credit? Not feeling completely confident about sharing your financial history with a lender just yet? That's ok. Following are a couple of great links to help you get into the "know" about your financial profile:

Indeed, credit is definitely key in the process of homeownership. If you are currently experiencing some financial hiccups, your mortgage specialist can assist you in developing a plan to buy with confidence in the near future!

Ready to get started today? Allow me to recommend Kelvin Waits- Vice President of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate.

For an extra read, follow this link:

Thank you for visiting today! Feel encouraged to post and or inbox your questions about purchasing your new home anytime.

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