Why I Became A Realtor

My name is Ryan Ahearn, and from the title of this article i am a Realtor. The idea of changing careers at first was a little unnerving to say the least. I grew up and have been in the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry my whole entire life. Owning a successful business, and to be perfectly honest took it for granted. Like the old saying you don't know what you got until it's gone is so very true! I was under the silly impression that my business Abell's Restaurant & lounge would be there for however long I would choose to have it. But it's funny how Life/Universe/God can change everything in a heartbeat! In September 2014 it burned to the ground. I was completely devastated, emotionally & spiritually. Full of Fear, resentments, & self pity. I did not like who I had become. Let's face it neither did my family or friends. I could not blame them, I didn't even like myself! But then a miracle happened, the pain was so great the only option left was to  ask for help, and threw the Grace of God I slowly start to heel. The last stages of denial is acceptance.

Today I can say that I am a changed man. Accepting to live life on life's terms. Today I try live a spiritual life. It was suggested to me to be able to live a happy, joyous, & free is to live a life of service. With that I began to do service work. Which i am grateful! By helping others, is a great way to get one out of self. Which lead me to make a decision on what to do for a career. I became honest with myself and realized that I had no passion left to go back into the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry. I did enjoy being apart of people's lives and the joy in that Industry brings to people, but the idea just did not appeal to me any more.

So coming up with a list of what do i have passion about and what I know. I always enjoyed helping people and I always enjoyed Real Estate. I am so very happy that I choose to become a Realtor. I believe in helping people make there dreams come true. Weather it is helping them buying a business/property or their home of their dreams. The joy on my client's faces is priceless!

I Believe in taken the same recipe that I used in the Restaurant Industry as I do in Real Estate. Which is: Provide Great Customer Service, Marketing, Know The  Product, Be Honest, & Actions Are Everything. 

Ryan Ahearn 

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Ryan Ahearn

Ryan Ahearn

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