10 Questions to Ask BEFORE you Hire an Agent

1 - What makes you different from the other agents?

2 - What is your company's track record and reputation in this area's market place?

3 - What marketing plans do you have for my house?

4 - What and how many properties has your company sold in my area?

5 - Who controls your advertising, you or your broker?

6 - When your listings sell, on average, how close is the selling price to the listing price?

7 - How long does it take to get your listings sold?

8 - Are you currently working with any buyers in the area?

9 - Do you have a reference list of clients who I can contact?

10 - If I'm not happy with the job you're doing to get my home sold, can I cancel my contract?


Evaluate the agent's responses to the above questions carefully and objectively and decide who you think will do the best job for you.

Bob Gliwa

Bob Gliwa

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