13 Potential Extra Costs Before Buying a Home

1. Appraisal Fee - can vary in price from approxiamtely $175-$500

2. Property Taxes - Can be included in your monthly mortgage or paid twice a year.

3. Survey Fee - Can vary in price from $700-$1500

4. Property Insurance - Covers the replacement value of your home and is required by your lending institution. Lender will require proof before you will be allowed to close on property

5. Service charges - New utility charges

6. Legal Fees - Attorney to review contract

7. Mortgage Loan Insurance Fee - Some mortgages require this.

8. Mortgage Brokers Fee - fee charged for securing loan

9. Moving Costs - Professional mover can cost between $50-$100 per hour

10. Maintenance Fees - Condos charge monthly fees for common area maintenance

11. Water Quality amd Quality Certification - If you have a well, it must be certified

12. Local Improvements - Will come in the form or property taxes

13. Land Transfer Tax - Tax is applied whenever property changes hands


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