Tech Trends in Real Estate in 2015

Tech Trends for homeowners are ever-changing!    

As a homeowner, you can choose from a variety of gadgets to control your home's thermostat, lighting, and entry doors all from your smart phone or your connected device to your home!  There are a lot of options available from mobile carriers such as  Verizon Wireless - check out their Smart Home products.

Tired of your smoke-detector beeping?  A Wi-Fi connected battery that alerts you to the status of your smoke-detector is available from Roost.

And finally, with all of these new gadgets, don't forget to designate a charging station for your devices.  An exciting trend is that home builders are now including designated charging stations in their building plans, but you can create your own charging station area with ideas just by searching the internet.  I Googled "charging stations" and found this affordable item from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Rhonda Meyer-Boeke

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