Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holiday Season

If you are selling your home during the holiday season, here are some tips to make the most of a buyer's visit to your home:

1.  Turn up your heat to make your home warmer and more inviting.

2.  Play holiday music or soft soothing classical music to make the buyer want to spend more time in your home.  Check out Serenity Sounds on You Tube - click here to listen.  

3.  Bake holiday treats and display them on a holiday tray on your kitchen counter for the buyer to enjoy  ~ don't forget to set out napkins too.

4.  Also, pack a few holiday treats in a holiday-themed goody bag (i.e., gift or treat bag) for the buyers to take home.  

If your house is one of several on their list of homes to visit, they will associate the gift bag to their visit of your home, and hopefully it will be a pleasant reminder of your home at the end of their long day of house hunting!

Rhonda Meyer-Boeke

Rhonda Meyer-Boeke

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