What is your favorite trend in real estate so far for 2015?

Do you have a favorite trend in real estate this year?

New home buyers have a favorite!  Similar to the last couple of years, open floor plans are a high priority among new home buyers!

We hear a lot about "open concept" or "open floor plans," but do you know what that means, and do you know if your home has what everyone desires? 

Consider this: the kitchen is the go-to place to family gatherings, but now families want to expand that togetherness into the family room or dining room and still be in the same room!  With an open floor plan, families can easily converse in a space that is open but has designated purposes within that space.  

Not sure if your space is open enough to meet the needs of home buyers?  Contact me for a free Comparative Market Analysis of your home.

Other hot trends for 2015:  anything tech-related.  More on that later...

Rhonda Meyer-Boeke

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