4 Tips for Back-to-School Savings


Back_To_School_SavingsWith August coming to a close, and September growing ever-nearer it’s time to start looking forward to the beginning of the school year. Have you thought about school-supply shopping? Take a look at these helpful tips before you set out to save time and money!


1.) Start Early!

Almost everyone loathes school supply shopping but that’s no excuse to put it off until the last minute. Start as early is possible, that way you have more options as far as inventory goes. The longer you wait, the more people will have already picked through the school-supplies!


2.) Make A List

Wel really you should be making two lists. One list should be composed of what you need, it will be most of the items on the shopping list that your school will send out. However, they often suggest you buy more than you actually need, so sit down and take some time to really sort through the essentials. The next list should be composed of the things your kids want. Make sure they know that your first priority will be the necessities, but if there is time/money left over, you can start tackling this list too.


3.) Take Inventory!

You’d be amazed at how much you already have in your house. Look through all your drawers and cabinets for unused supplies, or things that are left over from last year that are in good condition. Dig up calculators, pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, anything you might have. Once you’ve tackled this, update your shopping list with the items you’ve found!


4.) Go online!

Your first instinct will be to head out to your nearest supply store and buy everything on your list in one fell swoop. Avoid this, as tempting as it is! Do some research online first, see which stores have the best deals on the items that you need! And don’t forget look for online coupons! These will come in handy once it’s time to buy!


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