CENTURY 21® Is Selling a Zombie Proofing Kit for Your Home on eBay

CENTURY 21® Is Selling a Zombie Proofing Kit for Your Home on eBay

If you've been following us via our Social Media channels you may have noticed an out-of-the-ordinary post on Friday October, 11th. Just in time for the Walking Dead's return to AMC,  CENTURY 21®  (with help from the little mad scientists at its social agency, Mullen) is auctioning off a "Home Zombie Proofing Kit" on eBay.It's nothing fancy—just some particle boards and nails. But it ought to keep out those bloodthirsty zombies.

Here's part of the description on eBay.

• Strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds or prying dead fingers.
• Sealing prevents edge swell from liquid damage or tainted blood.
• Galvanization guaranteed to outlast even long-lasting outbreaks.
CAUTION: Loud noises caused by installation of Century 21®  Zombie Proofing Kit may attract more zombies.

As a disclosure, CENTURY 21®  also adds that the product is "for entertainment purposes only. Because we all know zombies aren't real. But this kit is. And if you win the auction, we’ll ship nearly 300 lbs of the latest in anti-zombie technology, right to your door."

Bidding goes until Wednesday October 15th, with all proceeds donated to their philanthropy Easter Seals.

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