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Décor trends in 2015 favor functionality, with designers turning to self-renewing materials that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. Looking towards the new year, celebrity designer Vern Yip lists these six trends to watch. <div><strong>1. View the floor as an extension of the living space.</strong> Opt for materials that are both stylish and comfortable, such as cork flooring. Warm, soft on the feet and eco-friendly, cork's natural ability to insulate against heat, cold, noise and vibration make it an ideal choice for "on-the-floor living.”  </div><div><strong>2. In open concept homes, mix and match old with new, high with low or light with dark.</strong> Using timeless and resilient materials, or those that can be used and reused, allows homeowners to be eclectic and bold.</div><div><strong>3. Geometrical and angular designs are making a comeback.</strong> Think of zigzag, herringbone or chevron patterns to bring mid century flair back into your home.  </div><div><strong>4. Living outdoors is a great way of maximizing living space.</strong> Make it cozy with pillow, tiki lights or a bonfire pit. In cold temperatures, use heat lamps positioned around the border of the patio. </div><div><strong>5. Look at the floor, which is a home's largest surface area, as a canvas.</strong> It offers ample opportunities to add visual interest and achieve a unique look. Think about combining textures and colors. Create a pattern of alternating colors and grains.  </div><div><strong>6. Break away from a sea of neutrals.</strong> Replace old pillow covers, throws or lampshades to reflect the hues and tones of the season. Or, create an accent wall with a printed wallpaper or painted design. Do keep your larger items white or neutral, so that you can easily mix and match seasonal colors with permanent pieces. </div><div>"The variety of stylish product choices available to today's environmentally-conscious consumers is remarkable," says Yip. He points to the many color choices of no-VOC paint, new agave plant and sisal fiber area rugs as great examples of the intersection between style, functionality and environmental responsibility.  </div><div>Source: APCOR </div><div>Image credit: HGTV</div><div class="Buttons"><div class="PrintButton Button" style="float: left;" dojoAttachEvent="onClick:_onPrint"><a>Print</a></div></div>

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